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October 20, 2013

United States

Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm





On October 20, 2013, after two years of hard work, Jerry Reinke and his wife, Cindy, owners of the Big Barn Shrimp Farm in Flora, Indiana, were able to put out a sign for their new business that said:  “We have shrimp.”


The Reinkes weren’t always in the shrimp farming business, however.  Two years ago, Jerry Reinke owned a funeral home.  He first heard about shrimp farming from a magazine.  It piqued his interest, so he decided to visit one of the few Indiana shrimp farms, RDM Shrimp in Fowler.


“I came home and said, ‘I think that’s what I want to do,’ “ Reinke said.  Since then, he said, he has frequently turned to the owners of RDM for advice on starting out in the new industry.


He found a space in the Sycamore Industrial Park and purchased 16 swimming pools from Rural King in Lafayette.  He stocked some of those with shrimp from RDM, which receives 11-day-old Pacific white shrimp from Miami and raises them until they are two months old.  Big Barn then raised them to “market weight” in about five months.




Big Barn has eight pools and plans to add eight more soon.  At that point, Reinke said, they should be able to produce about 300 pounds of shrimp a week. Big Barn plans to sell its product to restaurants, at farmers markets and as bait.  After a year, Reinke said, he plans to add 16 additional tanks.


Information: Jerry Reinke, Big Barn Shrimp Farm, SR 75, Flora, Indiana 46929, USA (phone 1-765-564-9406, email


Source: (a Gannett Company).  Shrimp Farm Aims to Grow Business in Flora.  Lauren Sedam (  October 19, 2013.

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