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July 5, 2013

The Netherlands and the United States

Dark-Colored Shrimp from Indoor Recirculation Systems


As a result of an item on dark-colored shrimp that I posted to the Shrimp List section of my webpage earlier today, I received pictures of dark shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) that were grown in indoor recirculation facilities in The Netherlands and the United States (Texas).  In the first picture, the shrimp were grown six or seven years ago in The Netherlands from postlarvae produced by OceanBoy Farms (no longer in business) in Florida, USA.  In the second picture, the shrimp were grown at Dr. Addison Lawrence’s research facilities in Texas, USA.



Information: Leon Classens, Aquaculture Farming Technology, Poststraat 8, 5801 BC Venray, The Netherlands (phone +31-6-148-987-68, fax +31-478-550-054, email



Information: Maurice C. Kemp, Ph.D., Royal Caridea, LLC, Suite B 206-343, 8127 Mesa Drive, Austin, Texas 78759, USA (phone, 1-361-445-1136 or 1-916-616-7038, fax 1-520-441-9871, email, webpage


Source: Pictures forwarded to Shrimp News International by the Leon Classens and Maurice Kemp.  July 5, 2013.


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