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April 5, 2016

United States

Arkansas—Organic Aquaculture Webinar


On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at 12:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, the National Agricultural Law Center (NALC) at the University of Arkansas will host a free webinar titled "Organic Aquaculture Standards: Navigating Potential USDA Regulations".


The webinar will be hosted by the NALC-led Agricultural and Food Law Consortium and will be presented by Alexandra Chase, an Ocean and Coastal Law Fellow at the National Sea Grant Law Center.  Click here, for information on the webinar, including sign-on information.


The webinar will provide an overview of the legal and policy issues surrounding the development of organic aquaculture standards, including the recommendations of the Aquaculture Working Group.  Recommendations presently under review by the USA Department of Agriculture (USDA) will control the production, sale, and marketing of organic seafood and aquatic plants within the United States.


The webinar is free and is limited to the first 100 registrants.  It is recommended that you test your computer for software compatibility prior to the webinar by clicking here.  There is no pre-registration for the webinar.  To enter the webinar, click here shortly before it begins.


Shrimp News Recommendation: Click on this link to download “Adobe Connect”, the software you will need to tune into the webinar.  Also, since the webinar is limited to 100 registrants, I recommend that you sign in an hour before the webinar begins, and then just keep the webpage that opens active until the webinar actually begins.  If you have problems or questions, call Alexandra Chase at 662-915-7775, or Rusty Rumley at 479-575-2636.


Background: There are currently no existing federal standards for the organic certification or production of aquaculture in the United States.  Aside from food safety concerns, there is no national oversight of organic aquaculture that is imported, produced, sold, or consumed in the United States.  There are some international standards utilized by private foreign industry, but those organic standards vary by country, aquatic species, and certifying agent.


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