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August 18, 2015

United States

Arizona—Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm For Sale or Lease


Located 60 miles southwest of Phoenix, the Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm is still for sale—at a lower price!  The farm has operated as both a specific pathogen free (SPF) broodstock facility and a SPF shrimp farm with a hatchery, a large postlarvae acclimation facility and 60 open and covered ponds designed to produce about a million pounds a year.  The facility has been involved in R&D with algae, shrimp feed and other products.  A very experience group of managers and employees is available to start the operation immediately.





The owners of the farm have recently reconfigured the existing facility by separating the agricultural land from the aquaculture and shrimp production facility.  The farm is on a rechargeable aquifer that is in a non-restricted area, with no limit on the number of wells drilled or the amount of water pumped.  The 140+ acres of the shrimp farm contain a tour center, hatchery, raceway structures, nursery ponds and both open and covered ponds.  Altogether the farm has 60 acres of ponds (including 8 covered ponds) and an acclimation center with four 100-ton raceways.  The cost of the facility is $3,000,000 plus an additional $150,000 for discounted shrimp farming equipment.  For a list and description of all the equipment, contact Gary Wood (see information below).


The owners have agreed upon the following three possible ways in which the farm may be acquired:


1. The simplest way is for the buyer to obtain financing and pay for all cost at closing.  To enter into a 60-day escrow the buyer would need to place into it a $100,000 non-refundable deposit that would be used to reduce the purchase price at the close of the transaction.


2. The owners may finance the property with a $700,000 down payment on a 30 year, 5% percent note that balloons in five years.  The amortized monthly payments would be approximately $12,346 per month.  The buyer will also have an option to purchase the shrimp farm equipment on a separate note.


3. A three-year lease of the property would require a deposit equal to the last years rent.  The lease payment would be divided into two components with one component of the rent to be used for infrastructure improvements on the property.  The annual rent for the facility would be a total of $200,000 per year with $50,000 per year to be credited to the lessee for approved water well equipment upkeep and infrastructure improvements.  The monthly rental payment will be $12,500 and the rest ($4,166) could be accounted for by the lessee as improvements. The shrimp farming equipment would be a separate agreement.


The owners have an option available for the purchase of adjacent land (486 +/- acres).  This acquisition will be possible for approximately three years at $12,000/acre.


Information: Gary Wood, Desert Sweet Shrimp, 45075 South Old US 80, P.O. Box A1, Gila Bend, Arizona 85337, USA (phone 1-623-341-8309, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Reconfigured Shrimp Farm.  Gary Wood.  August 18, 2015.

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