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December 12, 2013

United States

California—Ken’s Catch on USA Shrimp Imports


Ken Salzinger (below) reports:


The numbers for October’s USA shrimp imports are in and much to my surprise, they are up over October 2012 by about 9.6%.  Overall, the numbers are still down from last year, but the percentage continues to drop.  While Thailand is still down about 90 million pounds, India, Vietnam and Indonesia continue to make up the short fall with year-to-date increases of roughly 60 million, 31 million and 14 million pounds, respectively.  We have also seen increases from secondary countries such as Peru, Bangladesh, Panama and even Argentina.  As for the other big shrimp exporters, Ecuador continues to decline as does Mexico, China and Malaysia, the last three suffering through battles with EMS.


Why did the numbers increase for October when there is evidence of declining demand in the retail and foodservice sectors?  I believe the cancelling of the subsidy duties played a role in prompting importers to take advantage of somewhat lower prices than what had been offered in the past.  It is also possible that importers felt that once Thanksgiving was over, there would be an uptick in sales.  In speaking to many distributors, however, business is soft and shrimp is not moving out of the warehouses.  I don’t expect shrimp imports to continue rising in November as importers will try to move inventory that they currently have and wait for additional softening of prices overseas.


Source: Ken’s Catch (a free, email-based newsletter).  Editor Ken Salzinger (phone 609-664-2253, cell 732-261-3358, email  December 8, 2013.

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