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January 12, 2016

United States

California—Net Zero Update


Net Zero Enterprises, a developer and investor which focuses on sustainable infrastructure, is in the initial stages of building a new $35 million shrimp farm in Imperial, California, that will produce the first USA shrimp to meet Whole Foods Markets’ “Responsibly Farmed” criteria.


The closed-loop, indoor, vertical shrimp farm will produce a million pounds of 100% organic, Pacific white (Penaeus vannamei) shrimp annually.


Net Zero, which in 2012 moved its headquarters from Stockholm to the USA, will replicate a design it created for a German shrimp farm in 2007, which Harpriye Amar of Net Zero and the company’s CEO Kim Forssell said has had incredibly impressive results and stands to “revolutionize the [$7.5 billion] USA shrimp industry via organic...aquaculture business,” Amar said.


“We have secured the rights from our German technology....  Here in the USA [we will] start producing shrimp that meets Whole Foods regulations, there is no other shrimp that does [that]. We are already certified by Monterey Bay [Aquarium’s]...100% organic...shrimp, and we’re doing it in an indoor facility,” said Forssell.


As of late December 2015, the company was “shovel ready” and was set to break ground on the first phase of its initiative, with the first shrimp shipments planned for the third quarter of 2016.


A significant focus of the farm is to mitigate diseases, which Forssell said the company’s technology has successfully, and naturally, been doing since 2007 in Germany.


“What’s most noticeable about the German technology is that it’s been in operation since 2007 and it has consistent mortality rates below 5%...this is a really strong performance,” he said.


“A lot of disease comes from overpopulation...many of the farms you look at try to have somewhere between 7-12 kilos of biomass per cubic meter, whereas we do three.”


The company also credits its feeding system, which is automated and adjusts to the size and count of the shrimp.


Its biofloc tanks are stacked in racks and isolated from one another to further prevent the spread of any disease to limit the number of affected shrimp in case of an outbreak.


The company, which focuses on sustainability projects such as renewable energy, biofuels and water conservation, has designed technology used in aquaculture, such as water and waste treatment projects for other fish farms, but this is the first time the company is the main developer for an entire farm.


Going forward, said Forssell, a main focus of the company will be aquaculture.


The Whole Foods certification as well as Monterey Bay certification will be “very important” to the company and in their marketing efforts.  By selling it in stores like Whole Foods and upscale restaurants, as well as making it clear on the label that the product is 100% organic, USA shrimp, he said he thinks “consumers will realize that this is a new product offering, which is healthier than wild caught and superior to 80-90% of the shrimp coming from non-traceable overseas sources.”


Information: Kim Forssell, Chairman and CEO, and Harpriye Amar, Executive Vice President, Principal Investments, Net Zero Enterprises, 511 Saxony Place, Suite 101, Encinitas, California 92024, USA (phone 858-999-7399, email, webpage


Source:Undercurrent News [eight free news reads every month].  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Net Zero Enterprises to ‘Revolutionize’ US Shrimp Farming.  Ola Wietecha (  January 11, 2016.

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