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August 7, 2014

United States

California—Shrimp News News


This morning Shrimp News registered its 7,000th reader!


It’s a very dynamic list.  About five new people sign on everyday (subscribe) and one chooses to sign off (unsubscribe).  Since you’re on the list, you probably have some idea how it works.  The only information I collect is your name and email address.  One thing is for sure: my readers are interested in shrimp farming; otherwise they would have already unsubscribed.  In fact, all readers are given the opportunity to unsubscribe with each announcement they receive.  In addition, I keep a record of bounced addresses (addresses that are not working for one reason or another), and I periodically remove them from the list.


Although Shrimp News has a large readership in the United States and the European Union, most of the registered readers are in Southeast Asia and Latin America in approximate proportion to the production of shrimp in those countries.


For a fee, you can send your advertising letter to all 7,000 registered readers.  For more information on that, click on the following link:


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