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March 19, 2015

United States

Colorado—Keeton Industries, Cost of Probiotics


Referring its ShrimpShield™ probiotic, Keeton Industries says probiotics represent only a small fraction of total production costs.  Keeton says, “ShrimpShield™ is typically a minute portion of production costs, yet average yields increase by 30%.”


“Our probiotic technology uses living organisms that are friendly to shrimp.  The organisms naturally control the harmful pests by feeding on them and hence, protecting the shrimp against disease.  Once introduced into the aquatic environment, organisms in our probiotics continue to multiply so as to keep up with the increasing resistance of harmful microorganisms in your pond.  This means that a shrimp farmer will spend less on pest and disease control while producing healthy shrimps that are not overexposed to chemicals that may be unhealthy to consumers.”


“Other benefits that reduce costs and increase profits include more consistent sized animals, improved stress tolerance, reduction or elimination of antibiotic use, reduced water exchanges, lower electrical demand and improved flavor, texture, and...feed conversions.  Improved FCR means more profit.  Better water quality allows shrimp to use energy to add weight rather than wasting energy fighting disease and poor water quality.”


Information: Keeton Industries, Inc., 1520 Aquatic Drive, Wellington, Colorado 80549, USA (phone 1-800-493-4831, email, webpage


Source: Keeton Industries’ Website.  Cost of Probiotics in Shrimp Farming.  March 17, 2015.

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