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March 5, 2015

United States

Washington DC—FDA Crackdown on Imported Shrimp with Antibiotics


According to the Southern Shrimp Alliance, new data released by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates that of the 114 seafood shipments (called “entry lines” in FDA’s reports) were refused in January 2015, 24 were of imported shrimp with veterinary drug residues.  Nineteen of the refused shipments were for banned antibiotics from Malaysia, four from India and one from China.  The most frequently mentioned antibiotics were nitrofurans and chloramphenicol.


The FDA’s report for February continues to provide evidence of a crackdown on shrimp imports contaminated with banned antibiotics.


The report also demonstrates that problems with banned antibiotics in shrimp aquaculture have been limited to a small number of countries.  In particular, of the 1,025 shipments of shrimp refused for reasons related to veterinary drug residues since 2002, over 90% (928) were shipped from just five countries:  China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.


Source: FIS United States (  Crackdown on Shrimp Imports Contaminated with Banned Antibiotics.  March 5, 2015.

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