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August 17, 2015

United States

Imports, First Half Versus Second Half of 2015


In his weekly, free, email letter, Kens Catch, Ken Salzinger ( reports: One of my contributors, Bob Tanskey (, put together some numbers comparing the volume of shrimp imports for the first half of the year with those from the second half.  For the past 13 years (2002 to 2014), Tanskey found that 41.7% of our shrimp imports arrive in the first half of the year and that 58.3% arrive in the second half.  If we apply those averages to the first half of 2015, we could wind up with a record total of shrimp imports totaling in excess of 1.4 billion pounds.  Therefore, with the domestic shrimp market in a quagmire and prices continuing to fall, what will happen if there is an influx of product as the above numbers indicate?


Source: Ken’s Catch (a free, email-based newsletter on the seafood business).  Editor (phone 609-664-2253, cell 732-261-3358, email  August 16, 2015.

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