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October 15, 2014

United States

Florida—American Mariculture, Inc.


One year ago, American Mariculture, Inc. (AMI), broke ground on the largest greenhouse based shrimp farm in the USA.  Headed by Robin Pearl and Michael Mogollon, AMI uses a proprietary process that is able to produce commercial quantities of shrimp using sustainable farming practices.  This process is completely natural and allows the company to offer fresh, healthy shrimp every day of the year.  Michael Mogollon, chief technical officer at AMI, says, “My family lives an organic lifestyle and healthy food is very important to us.  I will not grow any shrimp that I will not feed to my family.  Nothing is more important than health and ‘Sun Shrimp’ are the healthiest shrimp you can find.”


"Sun Shrimp" are already being served at many fine restaurants in North America.


“Sun Shrimp” have received Best Choice and Green ratings from both Monterey Bay and Vancouver aquariums sustainable seafood programs.  In addition, “Sun Shrimp” are endorsed by leading sustainable seafood organizations including Fish Choice and Fish Wise.


“Sun Shrimp” are offered at some Kroger stores, the largest grocery store chain in the USA, and soon at some Costco stores, the second largest retailer in the USA.


Information: Robin Pearl and Michael Mogollon, American Mariculture, Inc., 9703 Stringfellow Road, St. James City, Florida 33956, USA (phone 1-239-260-4720).


Source:  Fresh, All Natural and Homegrown Sun Shrimp from American Mariculture are Now Available and Will Revolutionize the US Shrimp Industry.  October 15, 2014.

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