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November 11, 2015

United States

Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture’s Second Production Facility




Over the past few months, Florida Organic Aquaculture has completed most of the outside construction of its second production facility.  On the inside, it has installed insulation and four of 16 raceways.  Four more raceways will be filled with water by the end of 2015.




As a part of FOA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, it has undertaken a large project to increase the efficiency of its water use.  It’s going to build large, outdoor treatment ponds to recycle the saltwater from its growout raceways.  During growout, nitrogen and phosphorous accumulate in the raceways.  The treatment ponds will harness the power of nature to recycle the water, restoring it to its original state.  The treatment ponds will be able handle all the water from the first two growout facilities and two future facilities.  FOA plans to use the treatment ponds to grow sea asparagus, a crunchy, low calorie, salt-tolerant vegetable renowned for its minerals and flavor.  The sea asparagus will be grown in the ponds on rafts, utilizing the nutrients from the growout raceways.


FOA has completed one pilot treatment pond, and it reduced the nitrate content of the raceway water by 50%.  The earthwork for three more treatment ponds has been completed.  They will be lined and operational soon.


Information: Clifford Morris, Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC, 930 West Indiantown Road, Suite 204, Jupiter, Florida 33458, USA (phone 1-772-783-5103, fax 1-561-741-8000, email, webpage http://


Source: Florida Organic Aquaculture.  Newsletter.  Fall 2015.  Received November 10, 2015.

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