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May 12, 2014


United States

Florida—Three Short Videos—Florida Organic Aquaculture


On May 7, 2014, Florida Organic Aquaculture (FOA), the largest recirculation shrimp farm in the USA, celebrated its grand opening in Fellsmere, Florida.  FOA is housed in an 180,000 square foot (roughly the size of 3½ football fields) facility.  Shrimp are grown in the energy-efficient system without any chemicals or preservatives.  It plans to produce and market 1.1 million pounds of fresh—never frozen—shrimp a year.   The first harvest is scheduled for June 2014.  Once the farm is completely built out, it will generate more than 500 jobs.


Videos: For interior views of the farm, click on the links in the Source below.


Information: Clifford Morris, CEO, Florida Organic Aquaculture, 15369 County Road 512, Fellsmere, Florida 32948, USA (phone 1-561-741-3000, fax 1-561-741-8000, email webpage


Source: YouTube.  1.  Fellsmere Shrimp Farm Grand Opening (3 minutes).  Keith Carson.  May 7, 2014.  2. Shrimp Farm (34 seconds).  No Date.  3. Treasure Coast Shrimp Farm (54 seconds).  May 7, 2014.

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