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February 12, 2016

United States

Hawaii—Fish Kill at Kauai Shrimp Farm


On February 10, 2016, Jim Sweeney, president of Sunrise Capital, which is wholly owned by Integrated Aquaculture International, confirmed that there was a die-off of fish in one of the drainage canals leading from its Kauai Shrimp farm.  The fish kill was caused by low oxygen due to a pumping system that had been shut off overnight.  Sweeney said, “We spent the better part of three days cleaning it up and it did get pretty stinky.”  He said they buried the dead fish and he feels “like the issue is over now,” adding, “We apologize to the public.  We’re trying to be good neighbors and we certainly don’t want to create a foul odor.”


Sunrise Capital also owns the Kona Bay Marine Resources, a shrimp broodstock company.


Information: Jim Sweeney, Kauai Shrimp, P.O. Box 1282, Kekaha, Hawaii 96752 (1-808-338-0331, email, webpage


Source:  Causing a Big Stink.  Jessica Else.  February 11, 2016.

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