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October 5, 2015

United States

Hawaii—Wanted—Information on Feed Management Practices


Dr. Albert Tacon (email, an aquatic nutrition and feeds consultant and Technical Director at Aquatic Farms, Ltd., is conducting a desk study for the IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative on shrimp feed management practices that focuses on small-scale shrimp farms.  He hopes to complete the study by the end of November 2015.


Shrimp feed manufacturers and farmers interested in participating in this study are invited to supply the following information:


• Country:


• Total estimated shrimp production by species (specify year):


• Total estimated national shrimp feed demand or production (specify year and percentage of feeds

imported if known):


• Total number of shrimp feed manufactures (specify number of national and international feed companies):


• Names of feed companies and shrimp farmer associations (specify which and frequency of meetings):


• National legislation on shrimp feed manufacture and on-farm feed use, including nutrient effluent controls and frequency of government inspections at feed mills and shrimp farms (specify names, web links or attach documents if possible):


• Guidance to farmers on feed storage and feed use on the farm (specify who supplies the information and how and when the information is delivered):


• Number of staff dedicated to technically assisting farmers with on-farm feed use and other technical

issues (specify number of staff dedicated to technical support and sales):


• Methods employed for advising farmers on the use of appropriate good on-farm feed management practices (specify instruction method used and frequency of training):


• Credit terms and incentives provided to shrimp farmers (specify range from small-scale to

large-scale farmers):


• Your interest in supporting or investing in future interventions related to the development of improved

responsible shrimp feed management practices:


Information: Albert G.J. Tacon, Aquatic Farms, Ltd., 49-139 Kamehameha Highway, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744, USA (phone 1-808-239-2929, cell phone 1-808-203-4339, home phone 1-808-744-3749, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: News Report for Shrimp News.  Albert Tacon.  October 3, 2015.

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