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May 5, 2014


United States

Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm


In October 2013, Jerry and Cindy Reinke opened Big Barn Shrimp Farm in Flora, Indiana.  They don’t have a shrimp nursery set up yet, so they buy their seedstock from a shrimp farm in Fowler, Indiana.


Big Barn is currently producing around 65 pounds of shrimp a week.  It has eight tanks of shrimp in its building right now, but by the end of April 2014, it should have 16 tanks.  “By then...we anticipate being able to harvest around 200 pounds of shrimp a week.  With only eight pools, we have to spread the harvest for each tank over two weeks, but with 16 tanks we will have a tank a week to harvest.  When we reach 16 tanks, we will be the...largest shrimp farm in the state!”


The public is able to purchase shrimp directly from Big Barn.  “As a matter of fact,” Reinke says, “that is the only way we sell currently.  ...People are amazed that we don’t sell to any restaurants or groceries yet.  I would rather have them come right here to our farm to buy our shrimp!  I’m pretty proud of our building and business and love showing it off.  I would be willing to bet that 3 out of the 4 days we are open, someone stops by the farm simply for a tour.  It sounds interesting so they want to see what’s going on!  I get a kick out of telling people that in 25 years of working at a funeral home, never once did I have a family drive up, walk in, and ask for a tour of the place!”


The shrimp are sold live.  “Usually when a customer buys their shrimp, I scoop them up as the customer orders them.  So you simply can’t get fresher than that!  I put the shrimp in a bag and put that bag in a bag of ice.  That slows the shrimp’s metabolism down and kills them quicker than simply putting them in only one bag.”


Information: Jerry and Cindy Reinke, Big Barn Shrimp Farm, 315 South Sycamore Street, Suite 5, Flora, Indiana 46929, USA (phone 1-574-967-3266, Facebook Webpage


Source:  Indiana’s Family of FarmersMeet the Reinkes from Big Barn Shrimp Farm.   March 27. 2014.

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