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May 5, 2015

United States

Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm For Sale


On October 20, 2013, after two years of hard work, Jerry Reinke and his wife, Cindy, owners of the Big Barn Shrimp Farm in Flora, Indiana, were able to put out a sign for their new business that said:  “We have shrimp.”


The Reinkes first heard about shrimp farming from a magazine.  It piqued their interest, so they decided to visit one of the few Indiana shrimp farms, RDM Shrimp in Fowler.  “I came home and said, ‘I think that’s what I want to do’,” Reinke said.  Since then, he said, he has frequently turned to the owners of RDM for advice on starting out in the new industry.


He found a space in the Sycamore Industrial Park and purchased 16 swimming pools from Rural King in Lafayette.  He stocked some of those with shrimp from RDM, which receives 11-day-old Pacific white shrimp from Miami and raises them until they are two months old.  Big Barn then raised them to market size in about five months.


Shrimp News: I received the following email from Jerry Reinke explaining why he wanted to sell the farm.


Basically, the short version of why I want to sell is that I have simply run out of money.  I still believe firmly in shrimp farming, but after a year and a half of putting money into the operation, I have borrowed as much as I can.  Unfortunately I am getting out just as we got our nursery working.  We have been buying postlarvae from RDM in Fowler, and there is simply no way for a business to be profitable with another person in the middle.  So I believe now that we have our own nursery we should be able to turn a profit by this summer.  However, I will be out of money well before that time.  So, on with the information about the farm.


We are located in Flora, Indiana.  We rent 8,000 square feet in a building that has several other businesses.  We have 16 tanks that are 18 feet in diameter.  We are using a zero exchange heterotrophic system.  Our nursery system has 4 tanks (4 feet deep and 8 feet in diameter).  We have been stocking the nursery system with orders of 50,000 PLs from Shrimp Improvement Systems in Florida.


We heat our water using an on-demand water heater.  Aeration is handled by 3, one-and-a-half-horsepower Sweetwater Regenerative Blowers.  Basically, we have everything to operate a fully functioning shrimp farm.


Here are links to videos about the farm:


Information: Jerry and Cindy Reinke, Big Barn Shrimp Farm, 315 South Sycamore Street, Suite 5, Flora, Indiana 46929, USA (phone 1-574-967-3266, email, Facebook Webpage


Source:  Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Business.  April 27, 2015.

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