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August 13, 2015

United States

Indiana—JT Shrimp Farm


Indiana’s shrimp farming industry continues to grow.  Family-owned JT Shrimp in Wheatfield began producing shrimp in 2014, and hopes to more than double production to 400 pounds per month in 2015.  Co-owners Scott and Leslie Tysen sell directly to consumers who come to the farm.  Although this process is working well, they would like to get connected to grocery stores to increase sales.


One of JT Shrimp’s main focuses is on food safety.  It grows the shrimp with no chemicals in nine separate tanks in a heated barn on their farm.


JT Shrimp also provides tours to the public.  “We hold a lot of educational tours for kids, 4-H Clubs and adults.  I actually had 85 preschoolers come in one day,” Scott Tysen said.


Information: Scott and Leslie Tysen, JT Shrimp, LLC., 4836 West 1450 North, Wheatfield, Indiana 46392, USA (phone 1-219-987-3809, email, webpage


Source: Inside Indiana Business.  Hoosier Family Farm Goes Big on Shrimp.  Sydney Miller.  August 12, 2015.

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