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December 7, 2015

United States

Indiana—L&L Shrimp Farm



In early June 2015, Mark Lester owner of L&L Shrimp, which has eight tanks (above-ground swimming pools, 18-feet-in-diameter), said, “We’re sold out right now.  It’s a great problem to have.”  Like most Indiana shrimp farmers, Lester does on-site sales, but his biggest customer is an Indianapolis ethnic food market filled with an assortment of specialty items from around the Pacific Rim.  He hauls 30 to 50 pounds of shrimp to the market every week and sells them live for $16 a pound.


A Marion High School graduate, Lester earned a bachelor’s degree in aquatic biology and fisheries from Ball State University in 2006.  A bass tournament angler, he spent his summers as a youth at his family’s cottage on Tippecanoe Lake.  After college, he worked for six years at Bell Aquaculture, an industrial-size fish farm that raises perch, salmon and trout in Albany, Indiana.


Information: Mark Lester, L&L Shrimp, 7929 East County Road 900 North, Albany, Indiana 47320, USA (phone 1-765-749-1723, email, Facebook page


Source: The Star Press.  Seh Slabaugh (email, phone 1-765-213-5834).  Delaware County Raising Shrimp.  June 5, 2015.

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