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December 27, 2015

United States

Indiana—RDM Aquaculture


Over the past 50-years, not many shrimp farms in the United States have been successful.  Over the last five years, however, indoor intensive shrimp farms in barns, warehouses and utility buildings are gaining traction.  Up to 100 indoor shrimp farms are now operating across the country.


Starting a 40-tank farm with building included can cost as much as $500,000.  However, an eight-tank farm that already has a building can get started for as little $100,000.


Indoor operations generally supply local markets where customers are willing to pay higher prices for top-quality, fresh shrimp.


The shrimp farming horizon has never looked better for USA shrimp farmers.  Why?  Indoor farming is environmentally friendly and farmers use no chemicals or anything that affects the reputation of the product.  Consumers are highly receptive to clean food and the United States Department of Agriculture may soon approve an organic standard for shrimp that would be a big boost for the farmers.


RDM Aquaqculture


In 2010, Karlanea Brown walked away from hog farming and started RDM Aquaculture in Fowler, Indiana.  Today, RDM produces 250,000 shrimp a month and struggles to meet demand.  She also sells baby shrimp to other indoor shrimp farmers.  It costs RDM less than $5 dollars per pound to produce shrimp.  “Our inputs include feed, labor, electricity and testing.  We sell 30 to 40-count shrimp for $15 per pound and 20 to 25-count shrimp for $18 per pound,” says Brown.  “Customers drive from as far away as Kansas and Minnesota to buy our fresh shrimp.”


RDM offers prospective shrimp farmers an eight-tank, start-up system for a $100,000.  The package includes consulting, heating equipment, solar panels and testing chemicals—everything except a building.


“We have no water discharge, but use a probiotic that consumes shrimp waste,” Brown said.  “The beneficial bacteria serves as the filter—Mother Nature doing her thing.”


Information: Karlanea and Daryl Brown, RDM Aquaculture, LLC, 101 North 850 East, Fowler, Indiana 47944, USA (phone: 1-765-583-0052, email, webpage


Source:  Shrimp Arrives on the Farm.  Chris Bennett (email  December 26, 2015.

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