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March 2, 2016

United States

Indiana—RDM Aquaculture and the Number of inland Shrimp Farms


When it opened in 2009, Indiana’s RDM Aquaculture was one of only a few inland farms in the United States.  Now there are close to thirty, with several in Indiana.


Karlanea and Darryl Brown, who own RDM, produce more than 6,000 pounds of shrimp a year.  They grow them in temperature-controlled rooms in blue, 4000-gallon swimming pools—the same four-foot-deep ones that lots of people buy for their backyards.  Now, however, RDM is in the process upgrading its facilities.  Soon, the pools will be replaced with fiberglass tanks.  RDM is also branching into hydroponics and crawfish, and Karlanea says the company is interested in raising tilapia, too.


The startup costs for indoor shrimp farms can be immense, and creating a sub-tropical climate makes for some pretty serious heating bills.


The Browns sell live shrimp in plastic bags.  Customers are advised to eat them in few days.  They also sell a couple of million baby shrimp a year to other shrimp farmers and do consulting for prospective shrimp farmers across the United States.  Bob Rhode, manager of Purdue University’s Aquaculture Research Lab, says the Browns have raised Indiana’s profile in the seafood industry.


Information: Karlanea and Daryl Brown, RDM Aquaculture, LLC, 101 North 850 East, Fowler, Indiana 47944, USA (phone: 1-765-583-0052, email, webpage


Source:  No Ocean?  No Problem!  Indoor Shrimp Farming Takes Off In Land-Locked Midwest.  Sarah Fentem.  March 1, 2016.

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