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February 14, 2015

United States

Louisiana—Biofloc Session at WAS, New Orleans


Andrew J. Ray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Kentucky State University’s Aquaculture Research Center, reports on the Biofloc Session at the upcoming WAS Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.


We are set to have another exciting Biofloc Session at the Aquaculture America Conference in New Orleans on Sunday, February 22, 2015.  We’ll have a full day of presentations on microbiology, Vibrios, probiotics, management, water quality, toxicity, polyculture, catfish, feeds, feeding strategies and trophic dynamics.  


One of the themes of the Biofloc Session will be Indoor Systems.  While not every presentation will touch on this issue, I would like to encourage the speakers and the audience to think about the implications of operating biofloc systems indoors.  One of the emerging trends seems to be operating biofloc systems inside buildings, and I would like to facilitate some discussion about the challenges and opportunities associated with this approach.


Please see the current schedule below.  The schedule was changed on February 7, 2015, and there will be an addendum in the conference program reflecting this change, so make sure to follow this and catch all the great presentations.


There will also be a presentation on biofloc economics in the Shrimp Aquaculture session at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 20, 2015.



The Biofloc Program

Aquaculture America 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana

Sunday, February 22, 2015 08:30 - 17:00

Mardi Gras F Chair: Andrew Ray



08:30—Applications and Advancements in Biofloc Technology (Andrew Ray)


08:45—Characterization of Bacterial Community in Biofloc Farms (Su-Kyoung Kim)


09:00—Vibrio Dynamics in Zero-Exchange, Biofloc-Dominated Production Systems for The Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei (David Prangnell)


09:15—High Density Production of the Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus vannamei in Zero-Exchange, Biofloc-Dominated Growout System: The Challenge of Vibrio(Tzachi Samocha)


09:30—Evaluation of Presence and Efficiency of Probiotic Bacteria in the Gut of Penaeus vannamei Reared in BFT System (Bárbara Hostins)


09:45—Acute Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) on Nodularia Spumigena in the Culture of Penaeus vannamei in Bioflocs System (BFT) (Geraldo Kipper Fóes)


11:00—Accumulation of Toxic Metals in Bioflocs for Shrimp Culture (David Kuhn)


11:15—Alkalinity, pH and C02: Effects and Tolerance Limits for Penaeus vannamei Super-Intensive Biofloc Culture System (Wilson Wasielesky)


11:30—Intensive Hatchery Production of White Leg Shrimp in Biofloc System (Felipe Do Nascimento Vieira)


11:45—Nursery Production of the Pacific White Shrimp, Penaeus vannamei, in a Zero-Exchange Biofloc-Dominated System Operated With A3 Injectors (Tzachi Samocha)


12:00—Nursery Performance of the Pacific White Shrimp, Penaeus vannamei, Fed Two Dietary Regimes in a Zero-Exchange, Biofloc System  (Leandro Castro)


12:15—Intensive Production of the Pacific White Shrimp, Penaeus vannamei, Fed Two Commercial Feeds of Differing Protein Content in a No Water Exchange, Biofloc-Dominated System (David Prangnell)


14:00 Current Status and Prospect of Indoor Biofloc-Based Shrimp Farms in Korea (In Kwon Jang)


14:15—Winter Performance of an Outdoor Biofloc Production System for Channel Catfish (Bart Green)


14:30—Integrated Biofloc System with Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) and Seaweed (Gracilaria) (Alfredo Olivera Galvez)


14:45—Culture of Red Drum in Different Biomass Integrated to Tilapia and Shrimp in BFT System (Luis Poersch)


15:00—Effect of Addition of Navicula sp. and Brachionus plicatilis on Growth of Penaeus vannamei Postlarvae Reared in Culture Tanks with Zero Water Exchange  (Alfredo Olivera Galvez)


15:15—Use of Dried Biofloc from a Land Based IMTA System as a Partial Protein Replacement for Fish Meal in Pelleted Shrimp Diets (Susan Laramore)


16:00—Feeding Strategies in Penaeus vannamei Biofloc Culture Systems (Gabriele Lara)


16:15—Stable Isotopes as a Tool for Analysis of Bioflocs Consumption by Penaeus vannamei Postlarvae  (Alessandro Cardozo)


16:30—Optimum Dietary Lipid Level in Whiteleg Shrimp In Biofloc Systems  (Hyeonho Yun)


16:45—Growth Performance of Super Intensive Penaeus vannamei BFT Culture System Using Fish Meal Analog (Dariano Krummenauer)


Information: Andrew J. Ray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Kentucky State University, Aquaculture Research Center, 103 Athletic Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, USA (phone 1-502-597-8109, mobile 1- 843-367-9407, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Biofloc Session at the WAS Meeting in New Orleans.  Andrew Ray.  February 15, 2015.

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