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November 18, 2015

United States

Michigan—Teaching and Research Assistantships


Central Michigan University has positions open for teaching and research assistants who have been accepted into the University’s Master of Science Program in Biology.


Salary: $13,000 for the academic year, plus tuition benefits and the potential for support during the summer.


Qualifications: Applicants must be sponsored by a faculty member of the University’s Biology Department and have a Bachelor of Science degree in aquaculture, biology, or a related field—with experience in shrimp hatchery production.


Job Description: The specific project for this position will be to construct and maintain a small-scale maturation/spawning system for Penaeus vannamei that would generate shrimp embryos for experimentation.  Specific duties that will be incorporated into the Master’s thesis include but are not limited to: construction and operation of seawater tank system, maintenance and induction of maturation and spawning of shrimp broodstock, microscopic and microsurgical analysis of shrimp embryos and culture of shrimp larvae.  Continued employment in this position will depend on a satisfactory work ethic, grades and—if applicable—satisfactory lab teaching performance.  Other research assistantships with additional benefits are available for outstanding candidates.


Information: Dr. Philip Hertzler (phone 1-989-774-2393, email  Dr. Hertzler’s research focuses on the embryonic development of penaeid shrimp.


Source: World Aquaculture SocietyWAS Employment ServiceM.S. Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant.  Posted November 17, 2015.  Closing Date February 1, 2015.

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