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November 25 2015

United States

Minnesota—Four Seasons’ First Shrimp Harvest




Four Seasons Shrimp Company plans to harvest it first crop of shrimp in mid-December 2015.  It has 21 tanks (with plans for expansion) made of plastic and PVC pipe and uses Instant Ocean to add salinity to the local fresh water.  “We’re pretty close to getting the water perfect,” said Kevin Smude co-founder (with Joel Fischer), who started raising shrimp in August 2015.  “The biggest challenge of all this is getting the water right.”


The first harvest isn’t expected to be very large because only 30 percent of the stocked shrimp survived—a planned loss as the partners worked to get the water perfect.  But more shrimp aren’t far behind.  They think the survival rate for their second crop will be 80 percent.


“The idea is that people will come in and order a pound, and then we will go grab them from the tanks,” Smude said.  When Four Seasons increases its production, it plans to sell shrimp to restaurants and food markets.


Information: Kevin Smude and Joel Fischer, Four Season Shrimp Company, 507 Industrial Park Road, Pierz, Minnesota 56364, USA.


Source:  Pierz Shrimp Farm Close to Harvesting.  Jake Laxen (  November 24, 2015.

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