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March 28, 2016

United States

Minnesota—Ralco Aquaculture Update


Michael Ziebell, general manager of Ralco Aquaculture’s trū Shrimp Division, which has developed a super-intensive system for growing large quantities of shrimp indoors, says, “We’re in talks with potential investors all over the world, mostly from companies outside of the aquaculture sector....”  Ralco is working on a system capable of producing 6 million pounds (2,700 metric tons) of shrimp a year, and that work is around 75% complete, said Ziebell.  “Our focus is on licensing the technology for use in large-capacity centers....”  The technology is adaptable to smaller facilities, but economies of scale mean that larger centers are definitely more appropriate.  “We have some interested parties who envisage setting up...[farms] near urban centers, to provide fresh shrimp for foodservice—but their plans involve large cities, so the model would still need to be big.”  There is no real upper limit on farm size, and a farm’s footprint can be reduced by stacking the growout facilities on top of one another.


In addition to its work on farming systems, Ralco Aquaculture, which now employs 14 or 15 people, is working on shrimp diets—including fishmeal alternatives!


A number of significant changes have been required in scaling up the technology, from the first units pioneered at Texas A&M to the systems now in place at the center.  “We needed to develop our own water management apparatus, for one thing; we have a patent pending on that, as well as a number of others,” Ziebell said.


Information: Michael Ziebell, Ralco Aquaculture, 1600 Hahn Road, Marshall, Minnesota 56258, USA (Phone 1-800-533-5306, Email, Webpage


Source: Undercurrent News [eight free news reads every month].  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Ralco Seeing Interest in Indoor Shrimp Tech From Investors Outside Aquaculture.  Neil Ramsden (  March 28, 2016.

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