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June 3, 2015

United States

Minnesota—Ralco Aquaculture, Addison Lawrence Says


Addison Lawrence, creator of a raceway system capable of producing one million pounds of shrimp per acre footprint of water, is confident he can get the technology to produce even more.


Now working for Ralco Aquaculture, a division of Ralco Animal Nutrition, Lawrence is excited about the opportunities he has to “make his dreams a reality”.


“The position I have taken with Ralco gives me the opportunity of realizing my lifelong dream to make shrimp as universal as chicken in the everyday diet.”


“...They’re doing it right.  ...Its “laboratory is the same as the test tanks I had at Texas A&M, plus a commercial stacked system so that we can invite investors in to show them exactly how it works on that scale.”


What does a multinational do with the rights to a potentially status quo-altering technology?  “The idea is to create a turnkey product, the total solution, for investors to purchase and be able to farm shrimp,” said Michael Ziebell, Ralco Aquaculture’s General Manager.


Ralco has talked about building its own shrimp farms, but its primary plan is to license the technology and sell the knowledge on how to intensively produce shrimp.


Ziebell said, Ralco’s research facility is scheduled for an August 2015 opening, and it expects to conduce pilot runs in September 2015.  “By Q4 we intend to have an offering document to show the performance the system gives, and that will go to investors.”  It will be attractive to investors who want to locate near big cities and sell fresh and frozen shrimp.


Ziebell confirmed that there has been interest in Lawrence’s system from Europe, but could not disclose any information on that.  The USA and Europe are expected to be good markets for the technology.


Ralco is also considering enhancing its turnkey offering, by looking into processing equipment.


Source: Undercurrent News [eight free news reads every month].  Editor, Tom Seaman (  1m-Pound-Per-Acre Shrimp Pioneer: ‘I Know I Can Increase Production’.  Neil Ramsden (  June 3, 2015.

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