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October 1, 2015

United States

Minnesota—Video—Tru Shrimp Farm, a Ralco Project


On September 24, 2015, at an animal science conference in Willmar, Minnesota, Michael Ziebell, General Manager of Tru Shrimp Systems, a brand of Ralco Aquaculture, gave a presentation on the company’s plans.  He said Ralco is going to study the use of corn in its shrimp feeds.  Corn is not currently used in shrimp feeds.  Ralco plans to serve its own farmed shrimp at its annual Christmas party!




On its website, Tru Shrimp Systems reports that it has accelerated commercialization of its “Tidal Basin” (super intensive) technology and the development of its state-of-the-art shrimp research center.  The research center, located in Balaton, Minnesota, will include two commercial-scale Tidal Basin production units, 144 shrimp research tanks, 116 nursery holding tanks, an animal health laboratory and water quality and shrimp feed laboratories.  In addition, Tru Shrimp has completed the first round of engineering for a multi-million-pound-a-year shrimp production facility


Information: Ryan Wendland, 330 3rd Street, Ralco Aquaculture, Balaton, Minnesota 56115, USA (phone 1-507- 337-6819, email, webpage


Source: Grand Forks Herald.  Video: Shrimp on the Prairie [Shrimp News: When the webpage opens, click on the words “Video: Shrimp Farm on the Prairie”, which appear after a blank space where the video will eventually appear.  On my system, the four-minute video opened very slowly, a couple of minutes, and the audio for a medical ad played over the video for a while.  It’s a very difficult video to work with.].  Rand Middleton (phone 1-301-214-4334, email  September 30, 2015.

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