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January 30, 2014

United States

Missouri—GAA/BAC Hatchery Standards Certification


A draft of the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) for hatchery and nursery standards for finfish, crustaceans and mollusks is now available for public comment for 60 days.


Currently, BAP hatchery standards exist for only shrimp.  Once finalized, the new BAP hatchery standards for finfish, crustaceans (shrimp, lobster and crabs) and mollusks will replace the existing BAP shrimp hatchery standards.  Also, the new BAP hatchery standards will allow companies to pursue four-star designation for species such as salmon, tilapia, catfish and pangasius.


The BAP hatchery standards for finfish, crustaceans and mollusks apply to all species for which BAP farm standards exist, including shrimp, salmon, tilapia, catfish, pangasius and mussels.


They apply to hatcheries that produce eggs and/or juvenile aquatic animals for live transfer to other aquaculture facilities.  Production facilities include ponds or tanks on land with directed inflows and outflows of water, trays located intertidally on the foreshore, or rafts or cages (net pens) floating in a body of water.  They do not apply to growout facilities that produce aquatic animals for human consumption.


“The release of this draft standard is an important advancement for the BAP program as it provides a consistent, global basis for certifying hatchery and nursery facilities,” said Daniel Lee.  “This draft has required substantial input from a specialist technical committee and it can be applied to virtually all species.  In common with all BAP standards, it is comprehensive and rests on the BAP pillars of community, environment, animal welfare, food safety and traceability.”


The technical content of the hatchery standards was developed by a technical committee led by John Forster of Forster Consulting, Inc., in Port Angeles, Washington, USA.  The BAP Standards Oversight Committee—whose members represent a balance of stakeholders from industry, NGOs and academia—recommended refinements to the draft of the BAP hatchery standards before approving them for release.


Comments can be submitted via electronic form at, or email BAP Standards Coordinator Daniel Lee at or fax +44-1248-716729.  The deadline to submit comments is Monday, March 31, 2014.


Source:  Editor, Sean Murphy (  BAP Hatchery Finfish Standards Draft Released.  January 28, 2014.

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