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February 12, 2015

United States

Missouri–GAA’s New Sustainability Fund


In early February, the Global Aquaculture Alliance launched a $250,000 initiative to finance a range of projects to further responsible aquaculture and ultimately increase the availability of certified seafood production worldwide.


The initiative invites stakeholders—including individuals, researchers, academics and industry members—to co-finance projects in line with GAA’s mission of feeding the world through responsible aquaculture.


GAA’s Responsible Aquaculture Foundation will administer the fund, which will be managed by GAA Development Director Iain Shone, Best Aquaculture Practices Standards Coordinator Dan Lee, and Matt Thompson, aquaculture project lead at the New England Aquarium.


Information: Lain Shone ( and Dan Lee (, Global Aquaculture Alliance, 4111 Telegraph Road, Suite 302, St. Louis, Missouri 63129, USA (phone 1-314-293-5500, webpage


Source: The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Webpage.  Newsroom.  Steven Hedlund, Communications Manager (phone 1-207-831-0196, email  New GAA Fund To Further Responsible Aquaculture.  February 2015.

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