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November 2, 2015

United States

Missouri—Video—Circle Sea Shrimp Farm




This two-and-a-half-minute video shows the interior of Rick Clymer’s Circle Sea Shrimp Farm in Stella, Missouri, which has 12 above-ground-swimming-pool tanks and a bunch of nursery tanks.  Clymer did his first harvest in the spring of 2015 and has been having trouble keeping up with demand ever since.  In fact, business has been so good that he and his son Nathan plan to double production by expanding into the other half of the old turkey barn that they are currently using.  Clymer says, “We can usually have them to people within two or three hours after they come out of the water, which in the middle of the country is as fresh as you can get.  The only thing we have to add to the water is sometimes we put baking soda in it to help keep the pH in balance.  Other than that, there are no chemicals or anything added to them.  Our biggest challenge so far is keeping up with the demand for them.  It has been tremendous.  Back in the spring when we first started selling them, we were behind—we had a six week waiting list for nearly two months.”


Information: Rick and Nathan Clymer, Circle Sea Shrimp Farm, 19840 Terrier Road, Stella, Missouri 64867, United States (phone 1-417-319-4319, webpage


Source:  A New Face of Farming: Poultry Ranchers Dive Deep Into Shrimp Production.  Mike Landis (email and Robin Foster (email  November 2, 2015).

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