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December 16, 2015

United States

Montana—Montana Fresh Shrimp Company


Montana Fresh Shrimp Company is using the Indiegogo crowdfunding website to finance the development of its shrimp farm.


The crowdfunding website says:


“The first two sets of beta tanks are built and lined with a special marine liner.  The beta tanks hold about 8,300 gallons of water, per four-tank set.  Phase two will include installing fiberglass tanks more than twice that size at about 18,000 gallons.”


“How are we different from other shrimp farming operations?  We are working to grow shrimp that have a higher nutrition content than the average shrimp.  This is due to our unique method of feeding which includes two types of algae, one being Spirulina.  The algae make the shrimp higher in omega-3 and keep the water clean.  Our method of feeding them also increases their protein content as well as adds astaxanthin.”


“We will also have the ability to remove the iodine normally found in shrimp, which will be beneficial for those with some seafood sensitivities and allergies.”


“Our first harvest is not until May 2016....”


Dr. Rod McNeil (, a shrimp farming consultant, is the lead scientist on this project.


Information: Dave Dutro, Montana Fresh Shrimp Company (webpage


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