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August 21, 2014

United States

New Jersey—Epicore at TARS Roundtable


At the Aquaculture Roundtable Series TARS 2014 (Phuket, Thailand, August 20-21, 2014), which is featuring “state-of-the-science” plenary presentations and interactive breakout sessions on shrimp farming, Fernando Garcia Abad, aquaculture business development director for Epicore Bionetworks, a producer of biotechnology products and specialty animal feeds focused on the shrimp sector, said early mortality syndrome (EMS) has been a blessing to some, namely the Latin American shrimp farmers who have remained disease free.  EMS has caused bumper prices for Ecuador and other Latin American farmers, with only Mexico taking a hit from the disease.


Source: Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman.  TARS Blog: Big Discrepancies on Actual Level of Global Shrimp Production.  Tom Seaman  (  August 20, 2014.

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