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May 26, 2014

United States

New Jersey—Epicore BioNetworks’ 2014 Third Quarter Results


For its third quarter ended March 31, 2014, Epicore BioNetworks, Inc., which supplies shrimp hatchery feeds and pond bioremediation products to shrimp farmers worldwide, reported:


Epicore BioNetworks sales for its third quarter were $2.2 million, 44% higher than last year’s third quarter and a new company record for the third quarter.  This record follows three previous consecutive quarterly records.  It also is the first time Epicore quarterly sales broke the $2 million mark.  Sales were broad based with the third quarter increases coming from both Latin America and the rest of the world.  High demand for Epicore products comes from producers trying to capitalize on record high shrimp prices.  Early mortality syndrome (EMS) in Asia and now in Mexico has reduced the worldwide supply of shrimp, which in turn has pushed shrimp prices to record levels.


Latin America remains the strongest sales region for Epicore.  Ecuador is the largest, single-country market. Its purchases grew 47% in the third quarter.  A significant contributor to Latin American sales was the strategy of stocking postlarvae in nursery raceways before stocking them in ponds, which requires large quantities of Epicore’s probiotics and specialty feeds.


There was exceptionally strong demand from Asia for Epicore’s products in the third quarter, especially from areas hit with EMS.  Customers in China and Australia increased their purchases from Epicore in the third quarter of 2014.


Information: William Long, Chief Executive Officer, Epicore BioNetworks, Inc., 4 Lina Lane, Easthampton, New Jersey 08060, USA (phone 1-609-267-9118, email, webpage


Source:  Market Watch.  Epicore Bionetworks, Inc., Reports Record Results for Quarter Three Fiscal Year 2014.  May 23, 2014.

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