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August 1, 2014

United States

New Jersey—ShrimpTrader

  is revolutionizing seafood trading with its proprietary, on-line platform that brings pre-qualified buyers and sellers from around the world together into unique auctions that result in superior value and satisfaction for both sides of the transaction.  It provides buyers of all sizes direct access to certified seafood processors, and it provides sellers with direct access to major grocery chains, club stores, restaurant chains and food service distributors.  It accomplishes this with “blind” auctions that assure buyer and seller anonymity.  Its reverse auctions allow suppliers to compete and offer descending bids for buyers’ specified purchases; its hot buy auctions allow buyers to compete and offer ascending bids for sellers’ unexpected excess inventories; and its spot buy auctions allow domestic buyers to trade on USA inventories.


The industry experts at ShrimpTrader demystify the entire process of "going direct" while assuring seamless integration of quality, traceability, value, fairness, honesty, integrity, accountability and consistency.



Services Provided by ShrimpTrader


Auction site support, including registration assistance and training.

Product technical support from in-house experts.

Analytical testing and comprehensive comparative testing, plus reporting capabilities
for net weight, moisture content and DNA.

Hosted plant inspection tours for buyers.

Private label programs, including artwork, creative services and custom package design

Value-added product development

Flexibility with custom packs and mixed lots

Overseas ground personnel with their “Feet on the Street"

Temperature monitoring and reporting

Pre-shipment testing to assure product quality compliance of bid specifications
and industry regulations.

Full traceability with quick-read coding technology that allows tracking of products all the
way back to the pond

• Vendor managed inventory programs that track, consolidate and report buyers' current
store-level inventories, goods on order, goods in transit and accurate forecasts of reorder
quantities for just-in-time delivery

• Long-term supply contract options to secure additional value

• Just-in-time management of import logistics, warehousing and local transportation

• A centralized, secure, document repository that categorizes and provides remote access
to all documents, such as: supplier certifications, buyer specifications, pre-shipment
quality control test results, FDA compliance paperwork, and artwork files.


Information: Todd Rushing, Founding Partner, ShrimpTrader Inc., 11 Old Hook Road, 2nd Floor, Emerson, New Jersey 07630, USA (phone 1-201-338-0007, cell 1-201-647-4456, Skype ShrimpTrader-TR, fax 1-201-800-8080 email, webpage


Source:  Website Visit on July 31, 2014.

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