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October 7, 2014

United States

Nevada—Blue Oasis/GregOrman


A few years ago, Greg Orman was a director of Ganix Biotechnologies’ Blue Oasis shrimp farm outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  He wanted to turn the capital of shrimp cocktails into a shrimp-producing powerhouse.  With the help of $2.5 million in federal loan guarantees and $128,000 in state tax breaks, he and fellow investors pledged to build a $5-to-$6-million, organic shrimp farm smack dab in the middle of the Nevada desert.  The venture collapsed within a year and Ganix defaulted on a $725,000 bank loan, and a Kansas bank foreclosed on the shrimp farm.  Now Orman is running for a seat in the USA Senate from the state of Kansas.


Source:  Role Reversal: Greg Orman: Wealth Gives GOP Fodder.  Manu Raju.  October 6, 2014.

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