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July 20, 2015

United States

New York—EcoShrimp Farm


EcoShrimp farm, located inside a former mattress factory in Newburgh, New York, is less than two months away from harvesting its first crop.  Owned by Jean Claude Frajmund, the farm has eight heated and carefully tended 3,800-gallon tanks that hold about 30,000 shrimp.


Frajmund promises a fresher, healthier and tastier shrimp than those sold in supermarkets.  “No chemicals, no hormones, and no preservatives after harvesting,” Frajmund said.  “It’s all natural.”


Frajmund buys baby shrimp from a hatchery in Florida, ships them to a nursery in Indiana, where they age for 60 days before coming to his farm.  He uses one gallon of water for each shrimp, compared to four-to-five shrimp per gallon at other indoor shrimp farms.  He buys sea salt by the gallon and heats the water to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit to reproduce ocean conditions.


In addition to restaurants, Frajmund plans to market his shrimp at New York City’s Greenmarket and, on Saturdays, at his farm.


Source: RecordOnLine.  EcoShrimp in Newburgh.  Leonard Sparks (email  July 14, 2015.

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