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New York—New Investment Firm Seeks Aquaculture Projects

September 10, 2014


In May 2014. Tinicum L.P., a private investment firm, created Pontos Aqua Holdings to focus on investments in the aquaculture and seafood industries.  Pontos seeks investments ranging from $5 million to $75 million.


Francisco Saraiva Gomes, CEO of Pontos Aqua Holdings, said, we look for “companies that can be expanded vertically and horizontally and ones that bring additional efficiencies to the segments in which they operate.”


Since Pontos Aqua began seeking aquaculture-related investments in early August 2014, it has received several applications and has made outreach trips throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


The company’s model is unique in that it not only provides capital, but it partners with the aquaculture firms’ management team throughout the growth process.  “This is a longer-term approach, not a quick in-and-out investment model.  We can stay with our investments as long as they make sense financially,” Saraiva Gomes said.


One fast-growing sector of the aquaculture industry that Pontos Aqua is interested in is fishmeal and the refinement of ingredients from fishmeal.


Pontos executives are also interested in other aspects of the value chain, such as feeds, pharmaceuticals, equipment, engineering, risk management and selected aspects of farming operations, even though the latter is a riskier sector.


“We recognize some significant opportunities in farming operations, namely offshore production and ancillary businesses such as genetic selection, domestication and hatchery operations,” he said.  “These represent key aspects of the industry that have not yet scaled up and where we believe we can bring meaningful value to management teams.”


Pontos may also invest in aquaculture firms involved with processing and marketing.  “Our value chain approach allows us to look to businesses that have no production assets, but have strong franchise positions in exploring the secular trends that affect seafood in general,” he said.


Information: Dr. Francisco Saraiva Gomes, Pontos Aqua Holdings (email, phone 1-314-603-2210).


Source:  Editor, Sean Murphy (  US Aquaculture, Seafood Investment Firm Has Global Ambition.  Christine Blank (SeafoodSource contributing editor).  September 9, 2014, 2014.

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