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October 7, 2015

United States

Shrimp Imports in August 2015


In August 2015, USA shrimp imports (46,960 metric tons) fell 10.7%, compared to July 2014 (52,594 tons).  From January to August 2015, however, shrimp imports (362,524 tons) were up 3.6%, compared to January to August 2014 (349,882 tons).  See statistics for individual countries below.


India continues to ship significant quantities of shrimp to the USA, shipping 34.1% more shrimp in August 2015 than in August 2014 and 35% more year-to-date. Mexico also shipped additional shrimp in August, 157% more than a year ago!  [Shrimp News: a good indication that Mexico is winning the battle against early mortality syndrome.]  However, all other major supplying countries were down for the month: Indonesia (-13.7%), Ecuador (-20.4%), Vietnam (-40%), Thailand (-4.2%) and China (-26.6%).


Shell-on imports, including easy peel, were up 2.6% in August 2015, compared to August 2014, and were 6.3% higher year-to-date.  India continued to ship more shell-on shrimp and Ecuador less.  Indonesia shipped 25.4% less shell-on shrimp in August 2015 than in August 2014, but remains up 21.7% year-to-date. Mexico increased shipments 92.5% in August 2015, over August 2014!  In August, imports of 26-30-count and larger shell-on shrimp were all higher, while imports of 31-40-count and smaller shrimp were down.  Mexico shipped significantly more 31-40 and 41-50 count shrimp in August 2015 than in August 2014.


Peeled imports in August 2015 were 4.1% lower than in August 2014, but remain slightly positive year to date (+0.5%).


Cooked imports were up 7.5% in August 2015, compared to August 2014, but were down 2% year-to-date. Breaded imports were 16.3% lower in August 2015, compared to August 2015, but up 13.2% year-to-date.




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