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July 21, 2013


Louisiana—Legislators Attempting to Ban EMS Shrimp


The Thai Trade Centre in Los Angeles, California, has warned Thai shrimp exporters of USA attempts to stringently enforce a ban on imports of shrimp with EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome).


Pichalai Siripanich (email, senior director to the Thai Trade Centre, said Louisiana senators were attempting to push through a bill against the import of shrimp with EMS.


The bill was not ratified during a Senate meeting in May 2013 and USA senators have been instructed to conduct a public hearing before proposing the bill again.


“The USA is the largest export market for Thai shrimp.  If the USA passes this bill, the Thai shrimp industry would be directly effected as some areas in Thailand have not yet been able to clear up the EMS problem,” Pichalai said.  She urged government agencies and private enterprises to solve the problem to ensure that Thailand won’t suffer, if the new law is passed.


A number of countries, including the Philippines and Mexico, have banned shrimp imports from countries where EMS has been found.  Louisiana also wants to protect its domestic industry from growing annual imports of foreign shrimp. Restaurants in Louisiana, however, are protesting the law as it could cause a hike in shrimp prices and a supply shortage in the local market.  Louisiana has relied heavily on shrimp imports from Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Ecuador.


Source: The Nation.  Rep Warns of US Bid to Ban EMS Shrimp.  Petchanet Pratruangkrai.  July 22, 2013.


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