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September 11, 2015

United States

Texas—Bowers Shrimp Farm



In 1989, Harold Bowers started Bowers Shrimp Farm, stocking 13 ponds with Pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei).  Today, the farm is owned by his son, Reed, and Reed’s wife Lynn, and has its own processing plant and 79 shrimp ponds (370 acres) and 75 acres of catfish ponds, along with some striped bass ponds.


Reed has been actively involved with the farm since he was in his teens.  He has managed every aspect of shrimp and catfish farming, including feeding, stocking, harvesting and processing.  His management skills have made this farm the largest domestic producer of farm raised shrimp in the United States!


Bowers Shrimp Farm has begun construction of a 13,500-square-foot, indoor, nursery facility that will be stocked with postlarvae in mid-February, allowing the farm to stock juveniles in April and harvest its first crop in June.


Information: Reed and Lynn Bowers, Bowers Shrimp Farm, 24524 SH 35 S, Palacios, Texas 77465, USA (phone 1-361-972-2943, fax 1-361-972-2944, email, webpage


Source: Bowers Seafood’s Webpage.  Website Visit on September 11, 2015.

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