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March 3, 2015

  United States

Texas—Farm For Lease




King’s Aqua Farm, Arroyo City, Texas, is up for lease.  It’s located on a 1,880 acre site on the Arroyo Colorado River in Arroyo City, Texas (South Texas), where the growing season is long and the water source is good.  The site’s water source is a brackish tide from Laguna Madre that mixes with the river water in front of the farm.  The salinity is generally lower (5 to 15 parts per thousand, depending on rainfall) than ocean water.  The farm has 1,100 acres of ponds—63, 10-acre ponds and 94, 5-acre ponds.  Some of the 5-acre ponds have elevated nurseries for holding postlarvae.  There are 16 concrete-sided ponds with earthen bottoms measuring 50 feet by 65 feet by 4 feet deep and 12 concrete-walled tanks measuring 75 feet by 100 feet by 5 feet deep.  In addition, the farm has 40,800 square feet of greenhouse space with a concrete floor that could be used for a hatchery.  The pads and metal structures are in place, but a new plastic cover is needed.  The farm has successfully grown Penaeus vannamei and hybrid striped bass.  To comply with discharge regulations, it has a 200-acre wetland for settling solids out of its effluent.  This part of Texas is semi-arid and has more than 200 days of sunshine a year.  There are numerous wind farms in the area, and an operating, 450-acre shrimp and fish farm next door.  Part of the farm is already leased for algae production, but that production does not affect the fish and shrimp ponds.  The farm has a large intake canal and large pump station with cement pad for 6 large pumps.  This would make an ideal site for biofloc pond culture.  There are plenty of shrimp processing plants in the Rio Grande Valley about 30 minutes away.


Information: Granvil Treece, Treece and Associates, 927 PR 1236, Lampasas, Texas 76550, USA (phone 1-979-255-6645, email


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Farm for Lease.  Granvil Treece.  March 2, 2015.

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