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December 8, 2013

United States

Texas—KAAPA Aqua Ventures Alliance


In 2013, for the second year in a row, KAAPA Aqua Ventures Alliance (formerly Harlingen Shrimp Farms) did not reach its goal of harvesting 310,000 pounds of shrimp.  KAAPA Executive Director Marge Lauer said it was very dry for much of the year along the Texas Gulf Coast, which affected the salinity of the water in which shrimp were raised, causing them to eat less.  The 817-acre shrimp farm near Harlingen and across Laguna Madre Bay from South Padre Island has a sophisticated system of water channels, dikes and 440 acres of ponds that are filled with saltwater from the bay.  In April, the ponds are stocked with 70,000 to 80,000 shrimp per acre from the farm’s 40,000-square-foot hatchery.   In October the ponds are harvested. 


The hatchery’s broodstock comes from certified disease-free facilities in Hawaii and Florida.  From that broodstock, the KAAPA hatchery produces postlarvae (PLs) for stocking its ponds, and some PLs are sold to other farms.


Lauer said the entire 2013 shrimp harvest was sold to grocery stores and brokers who have restaurant clients.   About 80,000 pounds went to Chicago this year.


KAAPA is diversifying its business to include red fish in 2014.  The farm is also experimenting with a small, indoor aquaponics system to produce tilapia (a fish) and a plant crop, perhaps herbs.  Lauer said the recirculating system will use the nutrient-rich water from the tilapia tanks to fertilize the plants, and then the cleansed water will be returned to the tilapia tanks.


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