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January 12, 2015

United States

Texas—Ralco Licenses Texas A&M Shrimp Farming Technology


On January 12, 2015, Texas A&M University licensed its patent for super-intensive shrimp farming in the United States to Ralco Animal Nutrition, a global provider of livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement products.  Shrimp farming expert, Dr. Addison Lawrence, developed the technology covered under the patent and contends that his super-intensive raceway system can produce 1,000,000 pounds of shrimp per acre per year.  The general manager for Ralco’s shrimp division, Michael Ziebell, said the technology overcomes many of the challenges facing the USA shrimp farming industry.


Ralco, which distributes its products in more than 30 countries, is currently constructing a pilot shrimp research facility at the Ralco Technology Campus in Balaton, Minnesota, USA. The facility will provide Ralco’s aquaculture technical team with the ability to further refine structural elements of the raceway system to ensure that future commercial production facilities produce shrimp as efficiently as possible.


Brian Knochenmus, Ralco’s Vice President, said: “Dr. Lawrence has proven that the concept works, but it needs to be scaled up from lab to commercial facilities and you can’t do that in one step.  There is a middle ground where we need to make sure that we develop the raceway framework, the physical parts of the building and system that can be scaled up to commercial size.  So the first step for Ralco is to construct a research facility that will adequately predict commercial production, and we are going to do that at the Ralco Technology Campus in Balaton, Minnesota”.


Ralco is taking a highly strategic approach to shrimp production.  The company will provide commercial producers with specifications for land-based production facilities.  It will provide the shrimp larvae and the feed for the shrimp.  It will also process and market the shrimp to the American supermarket industry and the worldwide food service industry.  The holistic approach will provide a consistent source of high quality shrimp to the food industry.


Michael Ziebell, said: “The reason I believe we can increase the household consumption of shrimp is that shrimp is a beautiful protein.  It is a very healthy protein.  It contains cholesterol, but it is only good cholesterol and when we more efficiently produce it and get it to market at a more competitive price, then consumption will grow.  Today the American consumer thinks of shrimp as an expensive treat, but it will become a healthy alternative.”


Information: Dr. Addison Lawrence, Mariculture Research Laboratory, 1300 Port Street, Port Aransas, Texas 78373, USA (phone 1-361-749-4625, extension 223, fax 1-361-749-5756, email, webpage


Information: Ryan Wendland, Ralco Animal Nutrition, 330 3rd Street, Balaton, Minnesota 56115, USA (phone 1-507-337-6819, email, webpage


Source: Virtual Strategy Magazine.  Ralco Acquires Patent for Land-Based Shrimp Production.  January 12, 2015.

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