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September 29, 2014

United States

Texas—Video—Follow Up on Accusations of Poisoning


Shrimp News: On September 10, 2014, I posted an item titled United States—Texas—Paradise Shrimp Farm Suspects Poisoning to the News Reports Page of this website.  It was about possible foul play at Paradise Seafood’s shrimp farm in Arroyo City, where more than 250,000 shrimp mysteriously died.  Here’s an update to that report:


In a two-minute video, Tony Reisinger, Cameron County Extension Agent for Coastal and Marine Resources, said lab results do not support the owner’s claim that the shrimp were poisoned.  “There could be virus, there could be disease, there could be low oxygen, there could be bacteria but, we haven’t found anything yet,” said Reisinger.


Reisigner said dozens of water, substrate, algae and shrimp samples have been collected and sent to several labs for testing.  None of the preliminary results support the owner’s allegations, but he adds they still need to find out what killed the shrimp—even if it was just the luck of the draw.


“The ponds experienced moralities and sometimes that just happens,” Reisinger said.  “When you’re growing a lot of animals in one place, if one gets sick they can all get sick.”


Source:  Shrimp Kill: Lab Results Turn Up Nothing Alarming.  Daisy Barrera.  September 24, 2014.

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