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August 22, 2013

United States

AquaInTech’s Tablets for Treating Shrimp Ponds


AquaInTech Inc. (AITI), short for “Aquaculture Information Technology”, provides goods and services to the international shrimp farming community.  It was founded in 1996 by Dr. Stephen Newman as an outgrowth of efforts to commercialize the first vaccine for farmed shrimp by International Aquaculture Biotechnologies, Ltd.  One of AITI’s products, PRO4000X Tablets, contain two strains of Bacillus bacteria that have been selected for their production of a wide range of enzymes that facilitate the degradation of organic material and breakdown ammonia in aquatic ecosystems.    Each tablet contains more than 64 billion colony forming units.  Unlike conventional products, no activation is required.  The tablets are added to ponds or hatchery tanks where they settle to the bottom and slowly dissolve, allowing the bacteria to proliferate.  They are in direct contact with the pond sediments and large numbers of bacteria are delivered into a relatively small area.   Targeted delivery to problem areas in ponds and canals ensures a more efficient and less costly approach toward managing accumulated metabolites in shrimp ponds.   Hatchery trials have shown that the bacteria in the tablets outcompete Vibrios and reduce the overall Vibrio load in the pond.



A Pond Trial in India


A recent trial with the tablets in India allowed the farmer to stop exchanging water and increase production.  He started by adding eight tablets to problem areas 14 days post stocking and ending by adding 75 tablets at day 112 post stocking for a total of 497 tablets per pond per ha per cycle.    This is about eight kilograms of tablets per pond.   Tablets were added roughly every 10 days.



Shrimp growth and ammonia levels in the ponds were monitored throughout the production cycle.    The following table details the pond statistics.



All four ponds were on the same farm with a common water source, a nearby brackish water creek.   All of the shrimp were from the same hatchery and all of the ponds were stocked at the same time.  


The following chart shows that the shrimp in the ponds treated with the PRO4000X tablets grew quicker and reached a much higher overall final weight.




The following chart shows the ammonia levels in the ponds throughout the cycle.   The control pond experienced high ammonia rates while the experimental ponds did not.    The farmer had to exchange water in the control pond.





It is clear that the ponds that were treated with the tablets faired much better than the control pond.


     • No water exchange was required in the PRO4000X treated ponds

     • Shrimp grew quicker in the PRO4000X treated ponds

     • Shrimp consumed less feed in the PRO4000X treated ponds

     • There was much less accumulated ammonia in the PRO4000X ponds

     • There were higher survivals in PRO4000X treated ponds

     • There were higher yields in PRO4000X ponds

     • Shrimp were larger in PRO4000X ponds

  • Use of the product paid for itself many times over. The tablets cost less than $1 each.


Information: Stephen G. Newman, Ph.D., President and CEO, AquaInTech, Inc.,  Lynnwood, Washington 98037,  USA (phone 1-425-787-5218, email, webpages and


Information: The trials in India were conducted by Habeeb Rahaman, Royal Bio-marine, Tamil Nadu, India (email  Feel free to contact him with any questions you might have.


Source: News Release.  AquaInTech Inc.  August 16, 2013.

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