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February 4, 2016

United States

Wisconsin—Dairyland Shrimp Offers Free Delivery


Forbes Adam (, founder of Dairyland Shrimp, a small shrimp in Wisconsin, reports:


“Raising shrimp in Wisconsin is not easy.  Survival rates, slower than expected growth rates, maintaining water quality and infrequent harvests are just a few of the challenges.  Then, when the shrimp are ready to harvest, customers are notified a week in advance of ‘Sale Days’ via email and Facebook.  This has not been convenient for our customers and often times we find that many customers who have paid for their shrimp in advance can’t make it to the sale.”


“Notifying customers a week in advance of sale days and offering a limited window of time to pick up shrimp has not been customer friendly and just isn’t working.  So, we have been working on ideas on how we can make your shrimp purchase more convenient and have come up with a new plan.”


“NO MORE —‘Sale Days’ and taking time out of your of your day to travel to Dairyland Shrimp.  We are now providing free shipping!  Don’t worry, we are not raising the price of our fresh, locally grown shrimp, but this convenience does come with one catch: we must implement a minimal order of two pounds to offset the cost of packaging and shipping.”


All shrimp orders and purchases will be made online at our website and will be shipped to the address you provide.


Information: Forbes Adam, Dairyland Shrimp, LLC, 204 Swiggum Street, Westby, Wisconsin 54667, USA (phone 1-608-397-9364, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Another Big Change at Dairyland Shrimp.  February 3, 2016.

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