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April 13, 2014

United States

Wisconsin—Dairyland Shrimp



Forbes Adam has launched Dairyland Shrimp, LLC, a shrimp farm in Westby, Wisconsin.  He believes that it is the only shrimp farm in the state.  He expects to begin selling shrimp in June 2014 and already has begun taking orders.


Adam is a general contractor but plans to wind down his Avanti Earthworks business and spend all of his time raising Pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) in plastic tanks at a new building in the Westby Industrial Park.


He built the 5,000-square-foot building last year, planning to lease it to small businesses or for storage.  But he had a tough time finding tenants and in December 2013 decided to turn it into a shrimp farm.


“I was born and raised in Fowler, Indiana, and there are three or four shrimp farming businesses in that area,” Adam said.  His mother sent him a newspaper story about one of them.  “As soon as I saw it, I thought it would go well here,” he said of shrimp farming.


He has about 14,000 shrimp growing in four plastic tanks and hopes to have 12 to 16 tanks in production by the end of May 2014.


Dairyland Shrimp’s webpage says:


“At Dairyland Shrimp, LLC, we use a biofloc heterotrophic salt water system with zero water exchange; we re-circulate our water and therefore do not generate waste water.  We get our shrimp...from a SPF (specific pathogen free) hatchery in Florida when they are about 30 days old and acclimate them to our water’s temp, dissolved oxygen and pH. We feed our shrimp an organic protein based diet and do not add hormones, chemicals or antibiotics.”


“When floc levels reach a critical level, a side stream is diverted to the clarifying tanks, where the floc settle and clear water is recirculated back to the growout tank.  This floc also acts as part of the shrimp’s diet throughout the growout period and the shrimp grow very efficiently, feeding off both the feed and the heterotrophic floc.  After 120 days of growout the shrimp should average 20 grams and are ready for market.  They are then captured from the tank and sold live or put on ice for fresh sales.”


Information: Forbes Adam, Dairyland Shrimp, LLC, 204 Swiggum Street, Westby, Wisconsin 54667, USA (phone 1-608-397-9364, email, webpage


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