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December 29, 2015

United States

Wisconsin—Forbes Adam’s Critique of RDM Aquaculture


Dairyland Shrimp, LLC, is a family-owned indoor shrimp farm that raises Pacific white shrimp in Westby, Wisconsin.  Forbes Adam, founder of Dairyland Shrimp, envisions his farm as a catalyst toward the improvement of sustainable shrimp farming and helping other families start their own shrimp farms using environmentally friendly “biofloc” technology.


Adam forwarded the following critique of a recent item that I posted on RDM Aquaculture:


“I don’t know if I should laugh it off and mind my own business, but I’ve decided I cannot remain silent when I know and think of the people who have lost their savings and in one case filed bankruptcy as a direct result of their buying into the system promoted by RDM.  How stupid do you think your readers are?  Zero waste, zero discharge?  $100,000 for 8 swimming pools and heating and testing equipment?  Stocking densities that allow harvests of 250,000 shrimp per month from 8 swimming pools?  And the best of all: 90 to 100% survival rates?”


“How many people have gone out of business or are currently struggling because they bought into the $100,000 get rich quick scam?  You should know since you published articles about them when they first started.  How many of these business owners lost tens of thousands of dollars paying for consulting fees and equipment they did not need?  Why did Marvesta go out of business just months after partnering with RDM?”


Many of your previous publications regarding biofloc contradict the claims made within your RDM article.  I realize you are “just reporting” the claims and representations of another, but at some point don’t you question whether your reports (even if the claims are made by a third party) violate an ethical or moral standard, especially when you know the claims are untrue and false?  You have reported on biofloc technology a long time, publishing more legitimate articles from reputable and educated scholars and professionals like Russ Allen, Drs. Tzachi Samocha, Addison Lawrence, Yoram Avnimelech and Rod McNeil, so there is no doubt you must question the truthfulness and validity of these ridiculous claims.  I do not understand why you smear your own face and publication with mud promoting and proliferating such garbage?  I wonder what the professionals (like those mentioned above) think when they read these ridiculous fabrications?”


“Sustainable biofloc shrimp farming is the future, it is truly a shame to see people in this industry knowingly taking people’s savings through falsehoods and misleading them and it’s equally disturbing to see a respectable publication acting as an facilitator.  Recall how you felt when, ‘I came across a company called Marine Protein, Inc.  It raised fish in silos.  A few months later, the entire investment was gone, and, as many of you have heard me say, I’ve been trying to get even ever since’.”


Here’s a responsible idea: Why don’t you contact and report on the current status of all the farms you previously published articles about and see what they have to say about ‘getting into the shrimp business for as little as $100,000?’”


Information: Forbes Adam, Dairyland Shrimp, LLC, 204 Swiggum Street, Westby, Wisconsin 54667, USA (phone 1-608-397-9364, email, webpage and, spray foam insulation for buildings).


Sources: 1. Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: RDM Article.  From: Adam Forbes.  December 29, 2015.  2. Dairyland Shrimp’s Website.  Website Visit on December 29, 2015.

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