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February 20, 2014

United Arab Emirates/Abu Dhabi

Al Jaraf Fisheries


Launched in 2004 and located on Bal Rumaid Island in Abu Dhabi, Al Jaraf Fisheries (part of the Pal Group of Companies) has 53 shrimp ponds—36 one-hectare ponds and 17 half-hectare ponds.  It produces its own specific pathogen free broodstock from animals captured in its ponds.  The farm uses floating aerators that run all night and for a few hours during the day and feeding trays that are refilled five or six times a day.


Dr. S.D. Gopakumar, who manages the farm, says Al Jaraf utilizes three harvesting techniques:  “The first is to spread half of a net on the surface while the other half sinks into the water.  You leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and you catch a huge amount,” he said.  The second technique—cast netting—involves hand throwing a circular net across the water that sinks and captures shrimp.  The problem with this method, says Gopakumar, is that it is not as effective as the first method because it only works in limited areas and the catches are smaller.  The farm harvests 90 percent of its shrimp with nets.  With the third technique, the pond is drained though an outlet in the middle of the pond.


Al Jaraf Fisheries sells its shrimp to a number of major supermarket chains, including LuLu and Carrefour, and to cooperatives and fish markets.  Although the focus is on outlets in Abu Dhabi, it also supplies outlets in Dubai and Sharjah, which are also members of the United Arab Emirates.  Dr. Gopakumar says: “If our customer places an order in the night, they get prawns delivered within three hours.”  Other shrimp are imported from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, but they may be up to three days old when they reach the consumer.


Information: Dr. S.D. Gopakumar, Chief Operating Officer, Al Jaraf Fisheries LLC, P.O. Box 53543, Abu Dhabi, UAE (phone +971-2-815-5555, extension 560, mobile 971-50-814-8573, fax 971-2-815-5556, email, webpage


Source: TheNational.  Gene Pools Pay Off for UAE Prawn Farmer.  Asmaa Al Hameli (email  February 18, 2014.

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