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October 8, 2013

United Kingdom

Restaurant Drops Shrimp Because of Rising Prices


Jamie Oliver has pulled the $20-shrimp linguine from the menu at his Jamie’s Italian restaurants due to the global shrimp shortage that has caused wholesale prices to rise 25 percent in a month.  The shortage of king and tiger shrimp was caused by a disease (early mortality syndrome) that has affected shrimp farms in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China.  Importers are therefore competing for supplies from countries unaffected by the disease—India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Ecuador—causing prices to rocket.  Oliver is hoping to secure a new source of shrimp so that he can restore the linguine dish to menus at the chain’s 33 outlets in the UK.  Until recently, his Italian chain bought 992 pounds (450kg) of warm water shrimp a week.


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Source: Mail Online.  Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Drops His Linguine as Prawn Prices Rocket.  Valerie Elliott.  October 5, 2013.


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